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Our IBS Circle research is different* as it aims to identify any causes or cures for your irritable bowel syndrome, your IBS problems. It’s new & it’s safe.

Practical Research Which May Identify The Causes Of & Cure For Your Irritable Bowel IBS Problems

Our non-medical research is designed to be practical and is based on new Irritable Bowel Syndrome Circle thinking that there are identifiable causes of irritable bowel syndrome. The IBS Circle has designed a simple research programme to help you to identify possible causes of your irritable bowel problems. Benefits of the IBS Circle research are 2-fold based on causes & cures for iritable bowel syndrome:

  • The programme which forms the main part of our research may itself highlight the causes of your IBS and the cure for your irritable bowel syndrome problems
  • The collective research will form a body of research which will help identify causes of IBS in the wider IBS suffering group and help others in the future

The IBS Circle research is not intrusive, it’s non-pharmeceutical ~ no drugs ~ & it’s non-dietary.  It’s also not a psychology thing. You don’t buy anything.  And it’s simple.

Do You Want To Participate in the IBS Circle Irritable Bowel Study?

The IBS Circle Research is for IBS sufferers who want to find a cure for their irritable bowel syndrome & who will complete the research programme (and who will submit their results to the IBS Circle).

We want to recruit at least one thousand participants on the IBS Circle research programme. With up to 12 million sufferers in the UK and up to 45 million in the USA, let alone the rest of the world, we think that there should be 1000 irritable bowel syndrome sufferers who are willing to join the programme and find their cause and cure.

To join the Irritable Bowel Syndrome Circle research programme (which we want 1000 people to complete rigorously) we will require a fee of just £15. We will not ask for this fee until we have enough interest in the programme. Pay nothing now – just register your interest.

Register Interest in The IBS Circle Research Programme NOW

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Circle Research Programme

What you will recieve:

  • Full Membership of the Irritable Bowel Syndrome Circle
  • IBS Circle Introduction to our programme explaning the principles
  • IBS Circle Study Guide explaining the how the programme works
  • IBS Circle Study Day Sheet to complete and return
  • An email mid-study to remind you to be rigorous & unswerving!
  • A reminder to return the finished study to the IBS Circle research project

APPLY TODAY PLEASE EMAIL YOUR INTERESTPLEASE NOTE THAT WE’LL SEND OUT THE IBS CIRCLE RESEARCH PROGRAMME WHEN WE HAVE A GOOD INTEREST, SO WE CAN GET A SAMPLE OF 1000 PARTICIPANTS. Register your interest now and when we have enough participants we’ll ask for IBS Circle Research fees and send out the research programme.
Pay nothing now: Please just register your interest.


* Why Is Our Irritable Bowel Syndrome Research Different?

According to our IBS Circle research, there are a considerable number of studies into irritable bowel syndrome and into the causes and the cures for IBS.  These IBS studies are in many countries around the world, reflecting the worldwide symptoms of IBS in nearly every country – though incidence of irritable bowel syndrome varies.  These studies are medical physiological studies and the results have not yet exposed or identified any causes or cures that have helped chronic IBS sufferers who have tried various dietary solutions. Our Irritable Bowel Syndrome research is not in a laboratory and doesn’t involve medicine or medical intrusion. It doesn’t involve analysis of your stools or your guts. It’s not  psychological. It’s a practical programme that has cured IBS suffering before.  Why not try it?


Why Do We Want 1000 Irritable Bowel Syndrome Sufferers On Our Research Programme?

  • We want our IBS research to stand up and to be robust and substantial to show the causes and th cures for irritable bowel syndrome
  • We want enough numbers in the research project to allow for two or three variations within what we believe to be the major causes of IBS
  • We want to have a substantial bodyof research to be meaningful in moving towards developing Irritable Bowel Syndrome safe products


NB By applying for the research notes which will be dispatched to you on receipt of a subscription fee you are agreeing to the confidentiality of the IBS Circle study and declare that you will not bring into the public domain any private or confidential information about that study or disclose the content or the methodology of the same to any other party, other than your medical advisor or doctor. The research programme is for your sole use. The IBS Circle will not disclose any personal or private information from the study to any other party.

A CAUTIONARY NOTE:  Although the Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Circle believes that there are self help programmes for IBS you should in all cases consult your doctor as a first point of call. IBS Circle members who have used self help programmes to find the causes and cure for THEIR IBS have previously consulted doctors. In no circumstances should any content on this site deter any IBS sufferers from consulting a doctor.

Please note that there is nothing dangerous or difficult in our programme and the above advice is purely to make sure that Irritable Bowel Sufferers have consulted their doctors.