IBS from Parasites?

The Causes Of Irritable Bowel Syndrome Tested

An interesting article, attached to a clinic which seeks to identify the different causes of IBS for different IBS sufferers, which makes sense to us. See here for the article by the founder of the IBS and Gut Disorder Centre.

In summary there are five possible causes, they say. The two key ones discussed were parasites which in the tests appeared in 31% of IBS cases (of just over a hundred sample). When you know that India, Pakistan and Mexico have high incidences of IBS you can well believe a connection. But overseas travel (the sample were living in the UK) doesn’t always appear to be a trigger. The other major cause for analysis in the mind of the article writer was the lack of helpful bacteria. Interestingly he says that most IBS health experts wouldn’t recommend the mainstream products which promote bacteria-beneficient yoghurts becasue they have too much sugar which is generally acknowledged to be bad for bad guts.

We are still sticking to our guns about what we believe to be one major cause of IBS and we’re still looking for volunteers to join our Irritable Bowel Syndrome research program to help us establish this.

PS. When studies like this say that there are more women than men IBS sufferers (usually quoted around 65/35% to 70/30% respectively) I always wonder if that’s just reported cases as men may suffer in privacy, not wishing either to discuss their insides or to admit to a weakness?

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