Causes of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Finding the causes of IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome…

Read the internet from top to bottom  ~ and we know that you do ~ like we did and thousands, tens of thousands, even millions of people do…  And what do you find out about the cause of irritable bowel syndrome? Not a lot that helps…

“The causes of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) are not known”

That’s pretty much a summary of what people have to say about IBS causes. We know because we’ve searched the internet for help and studied IBS as much as possible to ty to find help. We’ve got pages and pages information… but it boils down to the below mostly.

It’s the reason that people continue to search ~ and why you’re reading this now ~ it’s because you can’t find the cause of irritable bowel syndrome and you can’t get relief from your irritable bowel syndrome.  To summarise the key findings about the causes of irritable bowel syndrome below…

Available Information on The Causes Of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

“The exact cause of IBS isn’t known – BUPA:

“The cause of IBS is not known, and there is no cure for IBS” – Womens health:

“Doctors are not sure what causes IBS –  National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse (NDDIC):  U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES:

“The cause of irritable bowel syndrome is currently unknown.” –

“Although the exact cause is unknown, and it isn’t possible to prevent IBS from developing, there are certain things that trigger attacks and so should be avoided, including stress, certain foods (different in every individual), irregular mealtimes and, in some cases, a lack of dietary fibre. What research is starting to show is that people with IBS seem to have a colon (also called the large bowel) that is super-sensitive. This is supported by the fact that some people develop IBS following gut infections and food poisoning, suggesting that these illnesses have somehow changed the gut and made it more sensitive.” – BBC:

“Although IBS is the most common diagnosis given by gastroenterologists (gut doctors), the causes of the illness aren’t clear.” – EiR The Environmental Illness resource:

“While stress can make your symptoms worse and may contribute to the condition, something else probably set the problem in motion. Unfortunately, nobody’s sure what that “something else” may be.” – A Healthy Me: 

“The exact cause of IBS is unknown – Wikipedia

“In truth, little is known about IBS, but modern pharmacology is making great advances in controlling and easing the symptoms. One difficulty in assessing the condition is that it is, in some aspects, functional (not caused by a discernable organic disease) and is therefore not easily diagnosed in clinical terms. Stress is considered to play an important role in triggering some IBS symptoms.” IBS Reserach Update:

“We do not think that IBS has a single cause. There seem to be many reasons why patients develop the condition. In some people, eating irregularly or taking an abnormal diet may be responsible. Others notice IBS developing after they have had a bout of food poisoning or gastroenteritis. Some people believe that stress makes their symptoms worse. It seems probable, however, that there are other causes which are not yet known.” – CORE CHARITY:

“The cause (of IBS) is unknown – Professor Jones: Good Housekeeping, April 2009

NB There are sources & websites that relate IBS to stress but most authorities conclude that though this may exacerbate irritable bowel, it is not the cause.

The Irritable Bowel Syndrome Circle (IBS Circle) is here to help where we can.  It’s here to do several things…

Firstly see our Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS Circle MISSION page, if you haven’t already, which lists our aims which are roughly…

  1. To help people to identify the cause of THEIR irritable bowel syndrome we want people to join our IBS irritable bowel syndrome research programme.  The causes of your irritable bowel may not be the same as ours or the causes of other people’s IBS
  2. To help IBS Circle members with a personal programme to help cure THEIR irritable bowel sydrome ~ what works for them
  3. To help research and collate and identify the major causes/cures for IBS in due course and to help as many people as possible ~ although not laboratory science ~ which should add quantitative figures towards solutions for more people in the future

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